DRZEWIECKI: NCAA Football 13, NBA Jam sport new features

This week I’ll be talking about the last new feature for NCAA Football 13 and since everyone is in a basketball mood I’ll dive into some NBA Jam.

EA Sports has listed on their website what they are going to be changing in their online dynasty mode.

“When NCAA Football 12 launched, we were troubled by the stability issues we saw with Online Dynasty which lead to Transfer Failed errors for some of you out there. When reports of those errors started to roll in, we found that we did not have the proper tools we needed to be able to diagnose and solve those issues quickly and efficiently. While we have continued to work diligently to resolve these issues; there is always the potential for one of these incidents to occur. This year we have added a new popup indicating a transfer failed has occurred and an associated incident identification number. This will provide an idea about what has caused the transfer and help us track down the issue faster. We have also added new processes to provide more detailed logging of failures should they occur, improved automated scripting to help identify the failures, and finally improved logging for user actions within Dynasty,” stated EA Sports.

I’m glad that they are addressing this problem, but it still doesn’t feel like a fix to me. I know all games have their problems but they release this game each year, don’t you think that they would have ironed all this out? EA Sports went on to say the following.

“However, due to the complexity of an online feature such as this, there is always the possibility that an error can potentially occur. Through our new tools we will be notified when an error occurred but reporting the identification number will help with the communication of what errors people are seeing when they are reported and also which errors have been addressed if we have to roll out fixes.”

Still, do I have to give them the error number? This seems like a lot of work. I just hope these things don’t get out of hand and that Online Dynasty is still going to worth playing.

After three weeks, I think we finally got through most of the new features to NCAA Football 13 Dynasty mode. I’m interested to see how this all comes together, because if it all comes together smoothly then we’ll have a Dynasty Mode that surpasses all other Dynasty modes.

Now I know I always talk about NBA 2K12 when it comes to basketball games, but another basketball game everyone should try to pick up is the new NBA Jam.

Like the games before it, the game will still have the outrageous way to play. Players will still be able to jump high into the air like superheroes and they still will be able to defy any laws of physics.

Free throws, fouls and violations (except goaltending and 24 second violations) have, of course, gone the way of the dinosaurs.

So, you are able to elbow or shove any of your opponents without worrying about that whistle being blown.

New features have been added to the game, such as the 1-on-1 campaign.

In this mode you will have boss battles, elimination, which includes up to four different players where the player with the lowest amount of points being the obvious loser, 21, another 1-on-1 match where you strive to reach 21 points to be the winner and last but not least, HORSE, this mode will be available for four players and it follows the classic rules.

Besides from its new modes it will also have some special features in the form of easter eggs (hidden items in the game).

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