The Colorful Lights of Xbox 360 Power Supply: How to determine if there is Trouble Brewing

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The Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s revolutionary game console. It is one of the most competitive gaming gadgets in the market. The main console is powered by the Xbox 360 power supply. It is fondly called, the brick by Xbox gamers.

You will notice a LED light on top of the Xbox 360 power supply. This is not a decoration. The light is an indicator if your Xbox 360 power supply is working perfectly. The Xbox power supply indicator may change color. This colorful display could sometimes spell trouble for your power supply.

Here are some tips which could help you in understanding the light indicators of your Xbox 360 power supply.

Green is a Go

If you plug your Xbox 360 power supply to an electric outlet and plug it in to your gaming console, the light indicator should turn green. This means that your Xbox 360 power supply is in perfect condition.

You can now power on your Xbox console and blast the enemies behind the TV screen. You need not worry if you spend hours using your Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 power supply comes with a built-in protection feature against overheating, power surges, and temperature changes.

It will automatically turn itself off if the system detects overheat. It will also turn off if you experience a sudden burst of energy due to lightning surge or power fluctuations.

Orange Means There is Something Wrong with It

If you plug your Xbox 360 power supply to an outlet and see an orange light display, you need to check if the power cord has been plugged incorrectly at the main console. Sometimes this is the cause why the LED indicator of the Xbox 360 power supply is orange. It indicates that the power supply is in standby mode.

If there is nothing wrong with your connections and the light at the Xbox power supply is still orange, try powering on your console. If the Ring of Light at the console will not turn red, orange, or green, then the problem could be with the console.

If the problem persists after checking the game console, then the Xbox 360 power supply could be in trouble. It stays at standby mode which means the brick cannot supply enough power to the console.

Getting Xbox 360 Power Supply Replacement

It is best to just buy an Xbox 360 power supply replacement than attempting to repair it. You can save a lot if you buy a new one than having it serviced by a repair man.

You can find an online retailer that sells genuine Xbox 360 power supply at less than $50. You can save as much as $10 from such retailer. An online Xbox 360 power supply retailer can also deliver the item at no cost to you. Shipping is free and you can get a replacement in less than 24 hours.

If ever a trouble happens with your Xbox 360 power supply, just buy a replacement from an online retailer. It is a more convenient option and practical too.

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Get ready for Red Dead Redemption

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Read Dead Redemption is a western style shooter video game created for PS3 and Xbox 360 by the well-known games developer Rock Star San Diego.

Red Dead Redemption is made on the same line as the GTA series; however this game delivers a far wider goal to the gamer for experiencing with the game environment. The game allows the gamers to determine how he would like to play by giving a considerable amount of alternatives. The sense of morality present in the game, offers an extraordinary touch to the game. It is set around the last years of the American Wild west.

The game play is quite remarkable. There are somewhere approximately 40 animals that are waiting to be hunted on players steps. The many areas and accents have given it a really realistic appealing to it. Another good thing is the range of guns which has player has got accessed to.

The arena is actually big, spanning 3 distinctive areas and check posts having several types of inhabitants. The game consists of lot of gunplay and fighting sequence with a 3rd person perspective from the player. The game has even an option of on line play where in a maximum of sixteen people can play with each other in a single session of the game.

Red Dead Redemption Features:

  • Expansive open-world gameplay set in the final years of the American Wild West.
  • Massive play area made up 3 unique regions composed of towns and outposts filled with characters with varying looks, accents, etc.
  • Morality system based on honor and fame generated by the players actions throughout the game.
  • Loads of unique non-player characters to interact with.
  • Western themed mini-games including showdowns, gambling, hunting bounties, cattle herding and five finger fillet.
  • An assortment of period specific weapons including a cattleman revolver, a mauser pistol, a repeater rifle, a sawed-off shotgun, a throwing knife, lasso and more.
  • The Dead Eye targeting mechanic, allowing the player to slow down time for shot accuracy.
  • Rideable horses and more than 40 kinds of animals that you can hunt or be hunted by.

Red Dead Redemption is scheduled to become released in May 2010.

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Xerxes Rift Guide ‘Truthful’ Review

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Xerxes guides offers :

Four Calling Guides
At the very beginning of the game, you will have to choose your character as well as their calling. Among the choices are Mage, Rogue, Warrior and Cleric. But with little knowledge on them, it would be quite a difficult decision to make. This guide is what you will need to learn more about each of the callings in order for you to make the correct selection of calling.

Best Leveling Builds
Aside from having guides made for leveling up, Xerxes also has guides that are purposely made for providing players an idea of what ideal builds they should make for their soul. So along with a good leveling path, you will also have the best builds for your character in the Rift game.

PvP Builds
One of the major aspects of the game Rift is the playing PvP. Among all the 8 souls that you had to choose from, some of them may be more effective in PvP than others. The Xerxes guide shall give you all the information you will need to improve your skills in PvP. Tips, tricks, strategies and techniques for PvP builds will all be shown unto you in this guide. This will surely help you gain the upperhand over the other players of this game.

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Ideal Raiding Builds
The moment you reach the end-game, you will now be able to unlock tasks in the game. An example of end-game content is the ability to perform raids. Raiding is one of the most important aspects of the whole MMORPG gameplay experience. But with raiding, you will need to come up with a lucrative plan first before you actually perform the task. A lack of plan on raiding could result in a huge disaster in the game. Rift is truly one of those games that definitely delivers and does not disappoint. And Xerxes shall guide you through the way into gaming victory.

We are really sure that you will get ultimate satisfaction when you use the Xerxes Rift guide that we are assuring you a 100% money back guarantee in the instance that you do not become happy with what you are getting in the guide within 60 days. In the event that you do not get satisfied with it, just return the product and you’ll receive your refund.

This will definitely boost your gaming experience, so I suggest that you get a copy of this game guide and enjoy your game play like you’ve never enjoyed it before!

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Madness Retaliation Hacked

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It’s just pure madness! Or wait maybe I meant to say mayhem? Nah probably not, because it’s Madness Retaliation… To be more clear it’s Madness Retaliation Hacked. Yep, if you are familiar with hacked flash games you will know that they are basically just games with cheats enabled. An author will manage to take the game and decompile it using a tool called FLASM, there are different variables from which that can be modified, here are the most commonly changed when it comes to prehacking a game.

1. Health (first and foremost)
2. Upgrades (Weapons unlocked/if available.)
3. More Cash! (This can be good!)
4. Sometimes other features are added, but the above 3 listed are very common.

Here are the cheats for Madness Retaliation: (in detail)
2000 Hp – 10 AP 10 AP each turn – All Weapons, Sub-weapons, Armor Headgear Unlocked 99 of each – Infinite Medkits, Grenades, Flashbangs – One medkit gives you MaxHealth – Level 4 keycard, Savior Halo, PID Owned A lot of PID energy!

If the game was overdone with too many cheats it would be completely and utterly useless to play… I mean even those of us who play hacked games like a little challenge. If you don’t really enjoy cheats then you can always play the unhacked version on the site as well. (See link above)

We recently updated the cheat codes for Madness Retaliation, also here is a guide for “Hot to Hack Madness Retaliation”. Yep I thought it would be useful, you can use a cheat engine if you prefer and modify variables using Hex code with the installed calculator on your computer, take the variable – for example “health” and get the hex code… 500 for example would be 2io34u2 in hex. Now if you purchase something take note of which variable change then be sure to add that to your inventory, cheat engines are a great way to hack any game during the actual gameplay, however I recommend using prehacked flash games, this saves everyone a lot of time and effort when it comes time to search for valuable flash gaming platforms.

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Leveling in WoW Just Got Easier

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Blizzard has made a bold move with this one. In a recent post by a Blizzard employee on the World of Warcraft official forums, Blizzard is making a plethora of changes to the riding mount requirements in the game. Regular ground mounts will be available at level 20 for 5 gold!

On top of a level 20 mount, epic mounts are available at level 40 for just 60 gold, and flying mounts are available at level 60 for 650 gold. And Blizzard ain’t done yet! No sir! Regular flying mounts are now 150% speed increase in the air!

It’s all a bit exciting to digest as a long time World of Warcraft player, but what exactly will this do to the game? How will the level 20 mount patch affect your average WoW player?

Well, of course, there’s going to be a lot more new, low level players taking their hand to the WoW grind with a renewed attitude about traveling around Azeroth in style. Expect an increase in ganking and a slight decline of quality content in general and trade chats;)

Also, you might be able to make a profit from some of this as well. As you may know already, the twink market can be a bit lucrative if you know what they’re looking for. With these mount changes, the level 29 battlegrounds bracket will now be riding high on their ponies, robotic chickens, dinosaurs, and elephants. Many of them will need mount speed enchants like mithril spurs. The release of this patch might be a good time to put some up on your local auction house.

The biggest change this patch will bring is to speed and power levelers. Having access to a mount at level 20, an epic mount at level 40, and a flying mount at level 60 is going to seriously reduce the time it takes to level up a character. Because of this you will see improvements in leveling paths to the current leading leveling guides in the industry. It’s going to be exciting to see the previous leveling records shattered when these changes take hold.

If you’ve been wanting to level that alt of yours, this patch is your golden opportunity to do so. Who knows, maybe you could shatter a server record or two:)

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Michael Brown is an avid online gaming enthusiast who has been playing World of Warcraft since its beta release in 2004.

5 Tips For Aion Assassin PvP

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Aion Assassin PvP is all about waiting for the right opportunity. Unlike other melee classes that run straight into the heat of battle, Assassins are on the sideline, hidden, waiting for the intended target to be at their most venerable. Think of the Assassin like a shark. You know it’s out there, somewhere, but you are not sure where. When it attacks, is not a long draw out fight, but a swift quick strike, designed to take you down fast.

If you are an Assassin, and plan to do some PvP, here are 5 tips for you.

1. Understand Stealth Limitations
Learn the limitations of stealth. It’s lasts for 50s and is on a 1 minute cool down. So make a note of the distance you can cover while stealthed.

2. Master Stuns
Stunning targets is the most effective way for Assassins to stop their opponents fighting back. A useful combo is
Whirlwind Slash – Pain Rune – Ambush – Binding Rune

Though it does require an evade to be triggered. Which bring us to the next Tip

3. Evasion Gear
Although attack speed is a good stat to have on your gear, do not forget evasion. High evasion gear is needed because Assassins get relatively weak leather armour, so it is better to avoid the hits, rather than try and absorb the damage. Second, when you evade certain skills are trigged, which mean you lose alot of the Assassions versitility without evasion gear.

3. Backstab when you can
The most powerful attack that the Assassin can do is the backstab. So always try to position yourself behind your intended target. If this is not always possible, start stunning them and them move behind them.

4. Equip a Dagger In Your Main Hand
Daggers have a higher crit chance than swords. Since you need to do alot of burst damage, a dagger should be the weapon of choice in pvp. It does not matter what you carry in your offhand, the crit chance on your offhand weapon will not stack with your main hand.

5. Engrave Patterns
Engraving Patterns are a way of increasing damage on a target. The more patterns you place on a target, the more damage you will do. The maximum amount you can place on a target is 5. In PvP this would be difficult to pull off without stuns. So practise combos where stuns and pattern engraving are used together for some great burst damage.

Hopefully this guide shows you some of the tactics and skills you should be using as an Assassin in PvP. For a more in depth guide, that fully explains all the mechanics of the Assassin class, recommends the Aion Assassin Guide, for those who wish to play the Assassin to its full potential.

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Paladin Leveling Guide

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(See the leveling guide I used to level my paladin from 1 80 in 7 days played time)

Paladin Leveling Guides

The Paladin is one of the most fun classes I have ever had the pleasure of playing in World of Warcraft. Since the launch of Wrath of the Lich King I personally have seen a large rise in the paladin population, and while to most WoW players this may be deemed a bad thing I see it as a major plus.

Personally, having played a paladin for little over a year now I have come to love the class. With dual spec now a part of the game I am always healing some fights and retribution dpsing in others. My guild loves the fact that I can have some of the strongest heals while also doing top notch dps in any raid situation. We have also found a lot of special uses for the divine sacrifice from the rettribution tree to mitigate a lot of raid wide damage when combined with divine shield.

Ok, sorry, enough about my raiding and more about what I found to work the best to level my paladin. I actually had a friend leveling a paladin at the same time I was. He leveled as protection whereas I leveled as Retribution. We both agree that protection is a pretty fast and strong leveling spec, but once I was in my high 50′s and 60′s retribution takes the cake. I would run around and grab 4-5 mobs at once and then just aoe the mobs down while keeping my health and mana up with my seal of light and seal of wisdom.

Personally I found retribution to be a lot of fun leveling as. My friend said that although I beat him to 80 he thinks protection was the more fun way to go. We of course still disagree on this but I really think it just comes down to the type of player you are. Protection is more of a slow but steady type build, whereas retribution is a guy with a big sword living life on the edge.

If you are curious as to which leveling guide I used to beat my friend in our paladin race to 80 you can find it here — Paladin Leveling Guides

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Sam Simon is an avid World of Warcraft player and has leveled many characters in the game to level 60, 70, and 80 respectively during their level cap times. He has used a leveling guide for most of those toons as it saves a bunch of time that is otherwise wasted as he prefers to raid and arena with his characters.